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 Woodview Golf Course ------------------------ 65 Northey's Bay Road

 Woodview, ON - K0L 3E0 ----------------------- Phone: 705-654-5000

65 Northey's Bay Road, K0L 3E0, Woodview ON. 705-654-5000

Woodview Golf

Conveniently Located 

 The course is in close proximity and easy access for many residents,  cottagers and vacationers in the North Kawartha Lakes Region.  The  location, 300 yards off of Highway 28, is within a 20 minute drive of  many lakes, including Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park and only a  few minutes from the Petroglyphs Provincial Park on Northey's Bay  Road. Just 15 minutes north of Lakefield and 15 minutes south of  Apsley.

Family Friendly Golfing Experience

 Each hole has been designed to allow every level of golfer to have an  enjoyable golfing experience while surrounded by the beauty of  nature.  

Affordable Fun

 Keeping the price to enjoy a round at an affordable, competitive and  reasonable amount for all, is a priority at Woodview Golf.